The selected works featured on this site do not necessarily represent gallery inventory.  Selected works are featured to show specific examples of an artist's work, and to indicate the artist's range.  While much of the work is available and in our inventory, some is not.  If availability is not indicated in the work's description, please call for availability status.  In some cases, there are pieces that are available, but not displayed on the site.  We are happy to e-mail images of all available work by one or more of our artists upon request.  Most of our artist's are happy to accommodate commissions, and such information is available upon request.

We recommend making an appointment to view multiple works in the gallery.  We are happy to work with the trade, and designers are welcome to make appointments to view works in the gallery with clients.  We keep a large inventory of work on-site, but occasionally will have additional works especially those that are large-scale in our off-site storage.  We strongly recommend making an appointment to view large works, or works that are difficult to manuever/handle.