Cass is a fifth generation native Floridian, but spent most of her formative
creative years living and painting in New Orleans, LA. Cass has been
involved with art throughout her life and has painted professionally since
1996. She is a graduate of the University of Florida studying Architecture
and Painting. She is back to painting after taking time off to raise her two
children with husband Peter, Olivia, 15 and Riggs, 8.

Her work is guided by process and the behavior of various layers and
materials used in her mixed media abstracts. Her canvases are saturated with
color and rich with texture, and the true emotion of her work is revealed
through manipulation and alteration of the surface. Sections of aged and
decrepit walls, floors and other features of both the inside and outside of
buildings, are the basis of her inspiration. Most canvases are painted so
they may be displayed in any direction, having interest no matter how they
are ultimately hung. Most materials used in her process are recycled,
reclaimed or vintage. Her works are included in numerous private and
corporate collections, and has appeared in many national publications
including Food and Wine Magazine.


1999 Art For Art Sake, New Orleans
2000 Art for Aids, New Orleans
2001 Sacred Heart, New Orleans
2001 Soren Christensen Gallery, New Orleans
2002 Mario Villa Gallery, New Orleans
2003 Quelque Chose Gallery, Jackson, MS

Private Collections
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Cimini, New Orleans
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Kimball, Ocala, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Christensen, New Orleans
Mr. and Mrs. Hance Myers, Houston, TX
Ms. Tara Shaw, New Orleans
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wilson, New Orleans
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Perrier, New Orleans
Private collector, Tampa, Florida
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Loeb, Houston, TX
Mr. & Mrs. Drew Newman, Austin, TX


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